Diatom bloom

i have remove 2/3 CUC off my tank
currently have 10 Cerith, 3 Nassarius, 3 Nerite snails
i do have lit diatom bloom just around the live rock and part of sand around live rock
now my live rock have white powder stuff rusty stuff all over
i have seen copepods by the glass and heater before they are gone now after adding fish and snails
the PH buffer LFS give is maintain 8.3PH and raise alkalinity(they didnt tell me that)
i currently have API ammonia and Nitrate test kit
I just order reef test kit, i’ll get Calcium and alkalinity result in a few days
I add Koralia 2 in other side of the tank now
K2 output much flow then K1
Current have K1, K2 and mexijet1200 for skimmer
is it too much flow for 29 gallons tank?

3 thoughts on “Diatom bloom

  1. I have a 55 with 2 Koralia 750’s and a Maxijet 1200/Remora Skimmer. On my 4th Week, and I have the same diatom bloom. Currently have 4 chromis and one blue damsel. Ordered my clean up crew today (snails, crabs, etc.) Tanks look very similar. I think the flow is fine from all the research I ahve done.

  2. Yes, the deep layer method means you keep adindg fresh sawdust and the chickens scratch for food in it, keeping the top layer turned over. You then clean them out less but have more to shovel out when you do. I’m not keen on this method as you have to scatter corn over the (dirty) bedding to get them to turn it for you and although they will peck from the ground anyway, this can’t help with worms.

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