How to Care for Your Oscar Fish

Oscar Fish (Astronotus ocellatus) are a freshwater cichlid from South America and are also known as Peacock Cichlid, Walnut Cichlid or Velvet Cichlid. Oscars are a relatively large fish that grow up to sixteen inches long and can live for up to eight to twelve years if proper care is given. Read on to learn the steps for ideal Oscar fish care.

Setting up a Freshwater Tank

This is an important step, as this will be your Oscar’s home. The first step is to gather all the equipment you will need:

  • Freshwater testing kits
  • Cichlid Food and other cichlid care products (Water conditioners, buffers, substrates, trace element supplements)
  • Aquarium vacuum or siphon
  • Tank of proper size for your Oscar fish
  • Aquarium gravel (there are gravel blends especially for cichlids)
  • Aquarium heater
  • Filter
  • Fish net
  • Bucket for water changes
  • Ornaments or plants(either real or fake) for hiding places
  • Thermometer

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